Who wore number 42 for the Baltimore Orioles?

If you’re a die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan and are curious about who wore number 42 for the team, you’re in luck! Throughout the history of the Orioles franchise, there have been a few notable players who donned the number 42 on their jersey.

One of the most well-known players to wear number 42 for the Orioles was Hall of Famer Jim Palmer. Palmer, a three-time Cy Young Award winner and six-time All-Star, spent his entire 19-year career with the Orioles. Known for his exceptional pitching prowess, Palmer was a key member of the Orioles’ dominant pitching staff during the 1970s.

Another standout player who wore number 42 for the Orioles was pitcher Stu Miller. Miller, who played for the Orioles from 1963 to 1967, was a two-time All-Star and an integral part of the team’s bullpen during his time with the organization.

In recent years, outfielder Adam Jones also sported the number 42 on his Orioles jersey. Jones, a five-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner, was a beloved player among Orioles fans for his leadership both on and off the field.

Whether you’re a longtime Orioles fan or just discovering the team’s rich history, learning about the players who wore number 42 for the team is a fascinating part of the franchise’s legacy. So the next time you see a Baltimore Orioles jersey with the number 42 on it, you’ll know the significance behind it.

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